Corset sizes

Corsets are sold according to your waist size, not dress or bra size. They are sold in inches, in even sizes from 18" to 44".

Kiku corsets are sized by their closed circumference at the waist; i.e. a size 24 corset measures 24” at the waist, when laced completely closed.

Most people prefer to lace their corsets with a gap at the back; please take this into account when choosing your size.

We recommend that first time corset wearers try a corset sized 4” smaller than their un-corsetted waist; i.e. a 30" waist would be a 26, or a 33" waist would be a 30.

Please contact us if you wish to check that a standard sized cut will suit your measurements; we offer a made-to-measure service at no extra cost so can offer custom sizes to fit bigger bust or hips.

Typically our under bust corsets are approx 12” in height at the centre line (11”, 5 pin busk), and our over bust corsets are approx 14” at the centre line (13”, 6 pin busk); please see ‘custom corsets’ for details of frequently requested adjustments to our standard fit models, such as shortened or raised hips.

To make sure you order the correct size, we ask that you fill in your 4 measurements on the order page, so we have a rough guide to your approximate size.

Bust: Wrap the tape measure around your chest at the fullest point, usually at the nipples. You can also give us your bra size, which will help us assess a correct fitting.

Waist: To measure the waist, tie a piece of string around the smallest part of your waist, this is your natural waistline and where your body will compress the most.

Hips: Measure your hips at the widest point.

Height: How tall you are in bare feet.