Hip Gore Overbust Corset

Kiku’s Hip Gore over bust corsets are based on a traditional longline pattern from the early 1900s, updated to a modern size range. They are typically cut with 14 panels, and 16 spiral steel bones, however sizes 34 and over may have more panels and spiral steel bones, while sizes 22 and under may be made with slightly fewer spiral steel bones.

The Hip Gore is a popular cut, which suits most figures, and results in a greater hip to waist ratio than the classic cut. This is a curvier model with little compression on the hips, which allows for dramatic figure enhancement. We can offer a range of adjustments to our standard Hip Gore cut, such as double boning or hidden casings; please see ‘custom corsets’ for more details.

Our Hip Gore cut is the cut most suitable for waist-training; however we recommend that if you intend to use a Kiku corset for waist-training, that you take advantage of our made-to-measure service; please contact us if you have any queries.

For a gentler hourglass silhouette, take a look at our Classic Corset, in both under bust and over bust models.

Our hip gore overbust model is considered a longline corset, however can be cut longer in the hip for a flattering, smooth line under or over garments.

Features of a Kiku corset:

  • Wide 2”/5cm busk
  • Busk placket
  • Spiral steel bones; boned strategically both in seams and mid-panels, for a smooth silhouette and even reduction.
  • Kiku corsets are constructed using backed fashion fabrics and English herringbone cotton coutil strength lining; our ‘Classic’ corset styles have grosgrain stay tape at the waist.
  • Pattern matched panels; when using fashion fabrics with motifs, we pattern match the panel pieces so that patterns appear to flow across seams.
  • We lace with matching, or contrast, 10mm double faced satin ribbon, with zero spring. Alternatively, you can have your corset laced with 5mm black cotton woven lace, finished with plain metal or filigree aglets.
  • The eyelets on a Kiku corset are constructed using two-part grommets, usually at 1.5cm spacing.
  • Grommets are supported by four flat steels; one on each side of the eyelet columns.
  • Our corsets are typically finished with matching, or contrast, handmade bias bindings.